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"You are my sunshine….”

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Pretty soon, our favorite superheroes will once again save the world, or… They’ll avenge it. Whether it’s seeing Iron Man playin’ with new toys, Captain America rockin’ his new awesome suit, Superman back in action, or a new Batman makin’ his debut, it’s certainly an exciting time to be a comic fan.

Marvel and DC, by Jasric.

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Teen Titans/ Teen Titans Go! parallels  | Robstar closing the door.

Nailed it.

can we just discuss how the colorists forgot to color starfire’s top purple in the second gif

So that means starfire stood infront of robins door with her tits out and robin was like “hmm i got to do this thing first” and closes the door on her

Truly he is Batman’s disciple.

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Dick & Terry in Batman Beyond 2.0
Dick & Terry in Batman Beyond 2.0

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Dick Grayson aka Nightwing
Jason Todd aka Red Hood
Tim Drake aka Red Robin
Damian Wayne aka Robin

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"Before there was Batman, there was Gotham." Watch the official extended trailer!

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I am on the verge of tears because


Since 1940, Dick Grayson has gone out in the middle of the night in a costume and mask (and a cowl for a few years). He’s used his detective skills to sniff out drug lords and crazy super villains. He’s used a lot of various martial arts skills, his own acrobatic skills, and some really cool customized weapons to defeat said super villains, crime lords, and average criminals that threatened innocent people. He walked out in the daylight as himself, Dick Grayson, average person, only to come out at night as Robin/Nightwing/Batman.

And not only that, but Dick’s been known to team up with various other super heros (BatFamily, Outsiders, Teen Titans, Superman, various others). Now they all think he’s dead. He’s not apart of the super hero world anymore. He has no connections with these people he worked with anymore. 

Now all of a sudden, he’s not an average person. Nor is he a the greatest super hero ever. He’s just some secret spy. He still has, and can use, his martial arts and acrobatic skills (and I’m sure they’ll give him some cool weapons). But he’s just going out there as himself. Not as some really cool super hero that everyone loves.

It’s just too different. This isn’t the Dick Grayson that we all know and love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to read Grayson and hope it’s half as good as DC wants it to be, but I don’t feel like this Dick Grayson belongs in the DCU. He’s not who he has been for the past 74 years. Dick Grayson doesn’t belong in some international spy organization, he belongs in a city looking for salvation. He doesn’t belong in camo and holding a gun. He belongs in a mask throwing wing-dings or batarangs.

This… this just isn’t right.

I agree with this. Nightwing’s a hero for people (as in, civillians in the comics) to look up to, to know about. Like Batman strikes fear into the hearts of villians, Nightwing makes people feel safe and protected knowing he’s there. As a secret agent, he’s not going to have that same impact, he’s not going to be a public agent for good—he’s a secret one. Sure, he’s still a hero, but not in the way that he used to be.

Plus it just makes me so sad that I feel like he’s being distanced even more from all his awesome super-friends. It feels like he’s not in the same universe of flashy costumes and big world-saving heroics anymore.

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[Batman Beyond 2.0 9]

Why do I not have this comic? Does Dick have some form of crimefighting alias in these comics? Is he Nightwing or just Dick? What does he do and what happened to his eye?